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Congratulations for purchasing access to study material at gurukulscience.com ! Please go through following terms and conditions applicable for use of gurukulscience.com and allied services before completing your purchase.

  • All study material provided on gurukulscience.com is copyrighted and no attempt should be made to copy, download, share, save or print any of the material. In case such attempts are detected or found all access to the study material on gurukulscience.com will be revoked without refund and necessary statutory action will be initiated against such person.
  • You are purchasing only the access to the study material for limited period and not the ownership of the study material.
  • Access to the study material on gurukulscience.com will be provided only for the time period specifically mentioned in the course description / purchase plan and after that period access will be revoked.
  • During access period you are only allowed to read text, view videos and attempt quizzes for your personal use only.
  • Any attempt to share access, social use; other than personal use will result in revocation of the access and no refund will be provided.
  • All attempts have been made to make sure that the course content is accurate and according to syllabus. You agree that it will be your (buyer’s) responsibility to check veracity of information from authorized sources. We at gurukulscience.com will not be responsible for any harm / loss / disadvantage arising due to use of gurukulscience.com or any technical / inadvertent human error / erroneous information in the course material. Information given in the official textbook should be considered as authentic.
  • The access to course material is provided on internet and you agree that we at gurukulscience.com, will not be responsible for any interruption of access to course material due to issues which are beyond our control such as network problems, server issues, technical problems, malware attack, hacking etc. All efforts will be made to restore normal operations.
  • Submission of false, misleading inforamation will result in immediate suspension of account and access to courses. will be stopped without notice. No refund will be applicable in such case
  • We at gurukulscience.com preserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions any time as required. You also agree to comply by rules and regulations regarding use of the website as set and periodically updated by gurukulscience.com.
Refund policy:
  • After purchase you can use the website gurukulscience.com for seven (7) days with money back assurance.
  • If within the period of seven days you do not wish to continue using gurukulscience.com you can request a refund.
  • Refund will be initiated only after receiving refund request. within 7 days after purchase date. Refund will be deposited using same mode of transfer as used for the purchase.
  • Processing charges and transfer charges as applicable will be deducted form the refund amount.
  • No refund will be available after seven days from the date of purchase.

By continuing and completing the purchase you accept the terms and conditions described on this page.

Changes to this Terms and Conditions:

The contents of this Terms and Conditions may be altered at any time, at our discretion.

Last Updated on 21/06/2021, 05:35 PM, GMT+5:30.

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